The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Lady Gaga Disses Cathy Horyn in Mugler Runway Rap, Isabel Marant Reveals How She Came Up With Sneaker Wedges, and Ryan Lochte’s Fashionable Dinner

• So, Lady Gaga recorded a rap track to score Mugler‘s Spring 2013 show. It’s generally as underwhelming as you’d expect for a rookie rapper, but her lyrics are causing a stir in the fashion world. Instead of dissing wack MC’s, Gaga instead comes for the Yaki of one Cathy Horyn. Gaga has never been a fan of the New York Times fashion critic, and she is not about to let us forget it. She rhymes: “Nicopanda got style trick, Cathy Horyn your style ain’t dick / Walk a mile in these foot high heels, I run in these you ain’t runnin’ shit / You chew beef, I wear meat.” *Sigh* Ms. Germanotta, that horse you’re beating… I think it’s dead already. (Fashionista)

• If ever you become an ANTM contestant worried about your future in modeling, fear not. You will almost certainly get work posing for knitting magazines. (Buzzfeed)

• The sneaker wedge is absolutely everywhere thanks to the genius of Isabel Marant. But how did she come up with the idea? It turns out (naturally) that Marant has rocking her own version of the shoe since way back when: “It’s something I did since I was a teenager. I would cut up cork and put pieces of cork into my sneakers because I wanted to look taller. And I always thought about this, what I was doing when I was young, and I thought I should really achieve something around this idea. Sneakers are so comfortable but at the same time it’s not very elegant. To have a little heel in it makes a difference, it gives you legs–I mean, I know women, I am a woman, so I know what we are searching for!” (Fashionista)

Ryan Lochte was spotted at the Lion last night in the West Village having a fancy rendezvous with a few Vogue editors and Richard Chai. Could there be some sort of designer-Olympian clothing collaboration in the future? WHAT COULD IT ALL MEAN? (PageSix)


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