The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Show Up to Stephane Rolland’s Couture Show an Hour Late, American Apparel Taps ‘Advanced’ Model for Latest Ads, and Selena Gomez to Launch Nail Polish Range

• Fashion shows never start on time, but  today’s Stephane Rolland couture show in Paris got off to a particularly late start– an hour to be exact. Why? Because everyone was waiting on Kim Kardashian and Kanye West to arrive! The couple was so late to the show, Rolland was forced to start without them! Fortunately, the pair was able to slip in during the finale to take in all the looks they felt they were too important to see on time.  (Fashionista)


• Ladies, start making your mental shopping lists! ASOS has released their fall lookbook… just as we were starting to get comfortable in our sundresses! (Fabsugar)


• On top of launching her new biannual C.R., Carine Roitfeld continues to collect coins with her styling gigs. The former Vogue Paris editrix styled three covers for V magazine’s “Youthquake” issue. What do you think of this one? (Styleite)


American Apparel‘s models are usually young, nubile-bodied hipsters, but for their latest ads, the brand decided to go for a different look. Enter ‘Jacky,’ a mature gal with mile-long gray tresses, posing for the brand’s ‘Advanced’ basics. Thankfully, Jacky’s fully clothed in this campaign, but what would an American Apparel ad be without the obligatory crotch shot? (Fashionista)


• The ever-adorable Selena Gomez is the latest celebrity to get a nail polish line. The actress inked a deal with Nicole O.P.I., the same brand that produced beau Justin Bieber‘s lacquer range a few years ago. There’s no details on when it’s set to drop, but we’ll keep you posted!


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