The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Kanye West’s Fall 2012 Shoes Reportedly Painful, Marc Jacobs Doesn’t Pay His Models, And Designers Pay Celebs to Appear at Shows

• Word on the street is that the shoes for Kanye West‘s second runway show are super painful. Jourdan Dunn tweeted during a fitting for the show to gripe about the painful pumps: “Dont get me wrong, the shoes are sexy as f**k,” she mused, “but you can’t walk in them.” Model Leomie Anderson chimed in, saying “omg the model who fit for his clothes said the shoes were so bad and he was cussin her *cries*,” adding, “well she said he was like ‘grr walk. Why don’t [sic] you walk.’ and stuff! But true say her walk isn’t top notch in kitten heels.” (*taking a moment to chuckle at the shade Ms. Anderson just threw this anonymous model*). After Kanye watched one poor model trip several times during the Anthony Vaccarello show last week, you’d think he would at least make sure his shoes are, you know, walkable. But then again, this wouldn’t be the first time Mr. West has designed something ill-fitting. (Glamazons)

• The folks over at Leonard are behaving rather suspiciously over their soon-to-be ex-creative director Maxime Simoens‘s courtship with Dior. When asked about the deal, Nathalie Tribouillard-Chassaing, Leonard’s managing director said, “I don’t know what these rumors are about. This is not at all topical. We are doing the show, and we’ll see what happens afterward.” Maxime himself was less evasive, saying, “There is nothing to comment because we are in negotiations. For the moment, nothing is happening. So when something happens, we’ll talk about it.” At least it’s confirmed that he’s in talks with the label. We’ll see how this pans out! (WWD)

• If you’re a model, and you think you’re going to get paid to walk in Marc Jacobs‘s shows, think again. Yesterday, Jezebel ran a story about 17-year-old model Hailey Hasbrook, who mused on her tumblr about her experience working with Jacobs. Hasbrook said she worked several hours as a fit and runway model, sometimes until 4:30 in the morning, and was paid only in Marc Jacobs merchandise. Marc Jacobs took to twitter to defend himself, saying; “Models are paid in trade. If they don’t want to work w/ us, they don’t have to.” It is important to note that Jacobs’s practices are not only morally questionable, but are in direct violation of the CFDA guidelines, the same organization that recently granted the designer board membership. As for Hasbrook, she’s perfectly content getting paid in trade. She deleted the entries on her tumblr outlining her experience, and wrote a new post saying that she “actually preferred to be paid in trade. I love everything that I got, and it was well worth it. There was an entire room filled with clothes and shoes that I was asked to choose from. Everything was amazing.” I wonder if she’d be so enthusiastic about getting paid in clothes and accessories if she had actual bills to pay. (Jezebel)

• Well, I never thought I’d see the day: Taylor Swift is featured in a spread for Harper’s Bazaar Australia wearing a Maison Martin Margiela wrap– and a Kanye West top. I wonder if Taylor knew who she was wearing? (Styleite)

• Designer Nicole Farhi has revealed to the Telegraph that several design houses and PR companies shell out tens of thousands of dollars to pay for celebrities to appear at their fashion shows. For many years, there have been whispers around the industry about this practice, but it hasn’t been confirmed until now. Farhi outright condemns this behavior, which seems to be quite common at certain firms. Emma Whitehair, publicist at London’s White Smoke Communications says, “In other places it was completely the norm, part of what was called ‘talent wrangling’. I know for an absolute fact they would pay celebrities to sit on the front row. It’s unfair: some people secure talent because they have genuine friendships and the celebrity likes the brand. Others have paid.” (Telegraph)


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