The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Kanye West Bare Chested in Vogue, NYFW Most Diverse It’s Been in Ages, and See Diane Von Furstenberg’s Range for Gap Kids

Kanye West is so serious about fashion, it makes him want to take his shirt off. The half-naked rapper and womenswear enthusiast is featured in this month’s US Vogue, alongside Givenchy Creative Director Riccardo Tisci. As for Yeezy? I… I’m not sure how his bare chest makes me feel… (Complex)

• Apparently, New York Fashion Week was the most diverse it’s been in several years. While (duh) the vast majority of models who walked were white (clocking in at 79.9%), Asian models represented the largest minority group (8.8%), with black models coming in at a close second (8.0%). I’m sure the fashion world is patting itself on the back, but I’m keeping my hands to myself for now. Out of the 4,561 opportunities to use a model, designers chose to use a white model 3,641 times, opting for models of color only 920 times.  (Jezebel)



Diane Von Furstenberg designed a range for Gap Kids, which will be in stores come March 15th! Peep the video teaser for the collection, which is as adorable as you would expect. And if you were wondering, yes, I will be trying to squeeze myself into the largest sizes– this line is ca-ute! (Styleite)


20120220-165521.jpg • Due to her great success in the fashion world over the years, Victoria Beckham has been named Britain’s fashion ambassador. She’s ceartainly come a long way from being the most useless Spice Girl! (StyleCaster)


Vivienne Westwood is really not feeling today’s sartorial mood. “People have never looked so ugly as they do today, regarding their dress,” she said yesterday, after her Red Label show in London. “We are so conformist, nobody is thinking. I’m a fashion designer and people think ‘what do I know?’ but I’m talking about all this disposable crap. So I’m saying buy less, choose well, make it last… In history people dressed much better than we do. If you saw Queen Elizabeth it would be amazing, she came from another planet. She was so attractive in what she was wearing.” (Vogue UK)

20120220-165947.jpgArchitectural shoe company United Nude has teamed up with Dutch designer Mattijs van Bergen to create yet another pair of seriously fab shoes. These peeptoe booties come in four colorways, and mark the brand’s second designer collaboration this year, with a third to be launched this month. (United Nude)


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