The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Kanye West and Karl Lagerfeld Exchange Design Ideas?, First Lady Michelle Obama Wants to Shop at CVS Like the Rest of Us, and Rob Kardashian Finally Launches His Sock Line

• It seems Kanye West and Karl Lagerfeld might be prepping for some type of collaboration. The two were reportedly spotted at Manhattan’s Mercer Hotel, with a source telling the Post, “They were in a deep conversation, then later appeared to be getting devices out to discuss design ideas.” There’s nothing like creative geniuses joining forces, right? This could get very, very interesting… (The Cut)

• First Lady Michelle Obama is just like the rest of us, and simply wants to shop at her local CVS! Jimmy Kimmel  probed Mrs. Obama on what she would do if given an hour to be a regular person, and she replied, “I’d walk out of the door of the White House… walk down the street, go to the drugstore, go to CVS,  go shop, buy my toiletries, I’d pay money, I’d get a receipt, and then I’d go sit on a park bench and just watch people.” Hey, FLOTUS, I’d switch places with you for an hour. (Fashionista)

• Rob Kardashian is finally launching the sock line we’ve been hearing about since… forever. The line, which will launch at Neiman Marcus on November 9th, is called…wait for it…. Arthur George. If you’re surprised he didn’t choose to bank off on the ever expanding Kardashian brand, he explains, “I wanted to stay away from using my last name. The label still says it’s by Robert Kardashian, but I’m more comfortable if it doesn’t scream Kardashian at you. We don’t have to overkill everything but, at the same time, you can’t get away from it. And Arthur George sounds classy.” I like what I’m hearing, Rob. Here’s to hoping this is a success. (Fashionista)

• Courtney Love took to Twitter to give her fans a preview of her upcoming line, Never The Bride. The collection features reworked vintage pieces, picked up by Love during her time at Paramount Pictures’s wardrobe department. She revealed the items will soon be made available for purchase at Net A Porter, although they have yet to confirm. Are you interested in Courtney Love’s line? (Vogue UK)

•  CW has just released a trailer for ‘The Carrie Dairies’, a prequel to ‘Sex and the City‘ which chronicles the life of a young Carrie Bradshaw growing up in the 1980’s. It looks fun, and the teens will surely eat this up. (Telegraph)

•  Just for fun, check out a sneak peek of Ciara’s new video for Got me Good. Thoughts? (Necole Bitchie)


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