The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Jourdan Dunn Talks Modeling and Motherhood, Karlie Kloss is the Face of the Target x Neiman Marcus CFDA Collaboration Campaign, and Ryan Lochte Wears A Grill

• Jourdan Dunn chatted with Sunday Times Style on the joys and challenges of being a model mommy, and dealing with her son Riley’s sickle-cell anemia. The Burberry model recalls a very accommodating Victoria’s Secret shoot in which she had to breastfeed: “They set up a little curtained area for me to use the breast pump. Not very glamorous, but ultimately, I’m a mother first then a model, and generally the industry is really supportive. This is a good career for a working mother.” (Sunday Times Style)

Duchess Stallion Leg aka Karlie Kloss will front the campaign for the Target x Neiman Marcus CFDA designer collabapalooza. A spokesperson for Target said, “The campaign is designed to drive excitement, fuel buzz and curiosity around the Dec. 1 launch. It’s very comprehensive and robust and will include all mediums with unique elements specially designed for online, print, out of home, TV and social media.” In other words, there’s going to be a lot of Karlie in yo’ face this fall! (WWD)

• Sexy swimmer Ryan Lochte almost didn’t receive his gold medal for the 400m individual medley this weekend. Lochte wanted to take the podium sporting a diamond American flag grill, but he was told to spit it out, or risk not getting his medal. He obliged, but once he stepped off that podium, he immediately popped the grill back in. *Sigh* it’s this sort of ratchetness that makes America great. (USA Today)


• The hilarious Joanna Lumley and Jennifer Saunders discuss the London 2012 Olympics with Instinct magazine. Between the gold medal they *claim* to have won after winning the “torch race,” to the bottle of Olympic-branded champagne “ginger pop,” you’re gonna have a hard time not disturbing your coworkers with laughter this afternoon. (Instinct Magazine)



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