The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Jourdan Dunn Has A Word For Hair & Makeup Backstage in Paris, A Pregnant Nia Long Covers Ebony’s November 2011 Issue, and Another Versace x H&M Preview

Jourdan Dunn shares a sentiment many of us have felt on a few occasions.

She took to her twitter account backstage at a fashion show saying, “I swear some people need to learn how to do black hair/skin.” You would be correct, my dear Ms. Dunn. (Jourdan Dunn’s Twitter)

Nia Long bares her pregnant belly for the cover of Ebony Magazine‘s November 2011 issue. I think this is one of the best pregnant covers I’ve seen! Think they’d be able to coerce Beyoncé into doing the pregnant belly cover I crave? (Beauty is Diverse)

• While certain other designers may not take criticism so well, there are still those who realize when their so-called “haters” have a point. Bill Gaytten, who took over for John Galliano after his departure from Dior, says the overwhelming criticism his Fall 2011 couture collection received was “deserved and fair.” From the mouth of a fashion veteran: this is how to graciously accept the fact that your work as a designer may not always be lauded by others. (Jezebel)

• Fashion month is barely over, and there’s a whole hullabaloo about the schedule in New York, Paris, Milan, and London for next year. The second Thursday in September and February had already been agreed upon by respective Fashion Week governing bodies, but in order to avoid conflict with Labor Day Weekend, New York has pushed its fashion week back to September 13 (!), 2012. This change puts Milan in a difficult position when it comes to getting everything ready on time. So, Milan announced a date overlapping with London Fashion Week. Condé Nast is not taking too kindly to this! WWD says: “‘We at Condé Nast do not want the schedule to be changed. We very much oppose moving the Milan shows earlier so that they overlap or conflict with the London fashion shows — or with the New York fashion shows or those of any market.’ They will not under any circumstances abandon the London or New York shows if the Milan shows are moved earlier.” Unfortunately for the magazine publishing giant, Condé Nast really does not have a say in this, and cannot make such demands. First, the possible end of Fashion’s Night Out, and now this? Let’s hope these fashion powers-that-be get it together! (Fashionista)

• There will never be enough Versace x H&M previews to satiate us until November 19th, when the collection officially arrives in stores. Check out this preview in ELLE UK, modeled by the ever-puckering Lindsey Wixon. Are you feeling this particular look? (nitro:licious)



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