The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Is Beyoncé in Labor?, Kanye West is Moving to London, and Lil’ Kim Tweets New Album Promo Pic

• I might be more excited about this than I should, but Beyoncé may be giving birth this very moment to a baby girl.

Media Takeout is reporting that St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital in NYC is preparing for a “Celebrity VIP” to come and deliver her baby in the hospital’s “deluxe labor suite,” the same suite where Alicia Keys had her baby. While we question the credibility of this ‘reporting’ (it is Media Takeout), we hope the birth (whenever it happens) goes smoothly, and that she and her baby are happy and healthy at the end of it all! (Media Takeout)

Kanye West‘s fur laden Spring 2012 collection for his DW label will not be the last of Yeezy’s high fashion offerings. Grazia reports that the rapper is planning on moving to London in order to focus on his fashion career, and work on his next show for Paris Fashion Week in March. We’ll see how that one turns out. (Grazia)

Lil’ Kim tweeted this promo photo for her upcoming album, coming in 2012. Though she is hardly menacing in this furry pom pom boob turtleneck, it’s interesting that she’s choosing to release an album the same year as Nicki Minaj. We’ll see how this develops over 2012! (Lil’ Kim Twitter)

• The Louboutin v. YSL court case just won’t die. After losing the case itself in August, Louboutin’s people appealed in October, saying that the presiding judge had committed “errors of law” in his judgement. In a brand new slew of barely understandable legal jargon, YSL has fired back, saying that Louboutin’s appeal is an “abuse of discretion” and the original ruling “falls within a range of permissible decisions.” (WWD)

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are engaged as of this weekend! The R&B singer proposed to Teigen over Christmas vacation in the Maldives. Congratulations to the gorgeous couple! (Global Grind)


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