The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Is Azealia Banks Performing at Chanel’s Japan Show?, Models Forced to Remove Shoes on Runway, and Terrence J for BE Entertained Magazine

Azealia Banks is relevant to somebody, guys. The rapper tweeted that she will be performing at the Chanel Fall 2012 runway show in Japan. She’s since deleted the tweet for reasons unknown, but I’ll take it upon myself to speculate: Maybe her upcoming performance was supposed to be a secret and a pleasant surprise? I wouldn’t mind an impromptu performance from Banks to loosen things up at a Chanel show! (Fashin)

• Swiss typewriter collector, Adowa Bagalini noticed that the red typewriter dress from Mary Katrantzou‘s Fall 2012 collection bared quite an obvious resemblance to her own vintage Olivetti Lettera 35. Upon seeing the frock, she wrote Katrantzou, who admitted that yes indeed, she’s seen a photo of Bagalini’s typewriter, and used it to inspire her design. As a thank-you, Katrantzou sent Bagalini a version of the dress to keep. Uh, Mary, you wanna come over to my house? Maybe you’ll get some ideas from the many trinkets I have lying around? Maybe you can gift me with an awesome free dress? Please? (Retro Tech Geneva)


• Who watched the T.I and Tiny: Family Hustle episode Monday night? Here is an exclusive behind-the-scenes video of the AKOO runway show, in which one gentleman imagines that the models actually walk and show off the clothes, as opposed to posing meekly at the top of the runway, and  quickly scurrying backstage. A fashion show where the models adequately show the garments? Fancy that! (Akoo)

• The National Costume Museum in Moulins, France is once again casting the spotlight on the work of Christian Lacroix. This time, they will be exhibiting a selection of costumes the designer created for a production of “La Source,” a 19th-century ballet. “Christian Lacroix, ‘La Source’, and the Ballet Opera of Paris” will run from June 16th ’til December 31st. So if you’ll be in Paris then, you should check it out! (WWD)


• Models took the runway at  Dion Lee‘s show during the Melbourne Fashion Festival, only to stop mid-walk to remove their platform stilettos. The shoes were reportedly so painful, they had to take them off, and the models were forced to continue down the runway barefoot. The CEO of the festival, Graeme Lewsey, seemed pretty cool with it:  “It shouldn’t have happened, but models know, if there’s the slightest problem, they have to remove (their shoes) for safety.” Wow! So understanding! I doubt something like this would fly in New York, Milan, or Paris! (Fashionista)


M.A.C is once again teaming up with Dutch designer Marcel Wanders on another limited edition range. The collection will include lipstick, lip gloss, False Lash mascara, powder, solid perfume, a brush bag, and a limited edition face brush. Like last time, the products will be presented in sculptural, faceted packaging, but this time in a chrome finish as opposed to last year’s black. Think you’ll be buying? Prices range from $18-80 (WWD)


Terrence J does the Heissman in a fun spread for Be Entertained Magazine. See all the hot shots here. (BE Entertained)





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