The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Hedi Slimane Writes an Open Letter to Cathy Horyn, Saint Laurent Paris’s PR Troubles, and Lulu Guinness to Launch Range With JC Penney

• The Hedi Slimane/ Cathy Horyn beef stew thickens today with a word from Mr. Slimane. After barring Horyn from his debut show for Saint Laurent, and reading the fashion’s critic subsequent review in which she called Slimane’s offerings “disconnected from fashion of the past several years”, Slimane fired back with an open letter of his own. Titled “My Own Times,” the designer goes in on Cathy, calling her a “schoolyard bully,” describing her sense of style as “seriously challenged,” and vowing she will “never get a seat at Saint Laurent but might get a 2 for 1 at Dior.” *Sigh* If you think Cathy Horyn gives a hoot about Slimane’s little tantrum, think again. WWD asked Horyn what she thought of the letter, to which she replied, “It’s just silly nonsense to me.”  (WWD)

• British designer Lulu Guinness will launch a diffusion line with JC Penney. The line is expected to drop in Spring of 2013, and will include handbags, gifts, and accessories. (Vogue UK)

• It seems there was a lot more drama at the Saint Laurent show than we previously thought. Apparently, the front row was filled with celebrities and some of Slimane’s buddies, while journalists were banished to second, third, and standing room (the effrontery!) rows. Slimane also refused any interviews after the show. Business of Fashion editor Imran Amad wrote a post addressing these and other issues that need to be handled by Saint Laurent’s PR team. Apparently, the folks at Saint Laurent have sent out e-mails to various media outlets attempting to clear up (or rather, create more) confusion regarding the proper name of the brand. “Last week, Saint Laurent’s press office sent out a mass email instructing media on the nomenclature we should use when referring to the brand,” wrote Amad, ‘The House is referred to as ‘Yves Saint Laurent.’ The ready-to-wear collection by Hedi Slimane is correctly referred to as ‘Saint Laurent’. (‘Saint Laurent Paris’ is used in the logo but not when spoken/written about the collection). Collection credits, should you photograph any items, is [sic] correctly written ‘Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane.’” Amad says the brand asked the folks over at BoF to revise all the tweets they’d written referring to the label as “Saint Laurent Paris” to “Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane.” Yikes! What do you think? Is Slimane being heavy-handed in his media relations, or is he just doing his job? (Telegraph, BoF)

Alexa Chung is writing a book on how to dress like an English schoolboy. (Vogue UK)

Marchesa has designed limited edition Swarovski crystal-encrusted New York Jets t-shirts, available for $110 on (Styleite)

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