The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Hedi Slimane Announces YSL Name Change, Vogue Thailand to Launch Next Year, and is Hermès Burning Their Own Birkins?

Hedi Slimane is changing the name of Yves Saint Laurent. The brand will now go by Saint Laurent Paris. The “YSL” logo will still (thankfully) be featured on a smattering of the brand’s wares. What do you think of these changes? (Grazia)


• It’s been confirmed: Vogue Thailand will be the 21st iteration of the magazine, launching in print and online in 2013. While most of the editorial appointments have yet to be made, former Elle Thailand editor-in-chief Kullawit Laosuksri has been tapped to helm the publication. This news is all well and good, but I’m still waiting (ever so patiently) for a Vogue Africa! (Vogue UK)


• It’s Jessica White‘s 28th birthday, ya’ll! let her know you know who she is care by tweeting her Happy Birthday! (@IamJessWhite)


• Good news for McDonald’s employees: the brand has tapped designer Wayne Hemingway to create new uniforms for the fast food chain. Hemingway says the new threads are inspired by the retro style of Mad Men. It’s just too bad they’re still a bit of an eyesore. McDonald’s Olympic Park staffers will debut the new looks in August, which will be seen on all of the fast food chain’s workers this fall. (Grazia)


• It seems Tyler Shields and Francesca Eastwood may not be the only people burning Birkin bags these days. Mulberry creative director Emma Hill says that when it comes to bags, Hermès is so serious about quality, they will destroy any bag not up to par:  “No one can touch them in terms of quality. A friend who was working at Hermès said that if there was even the most minor imperfection on a bag they would take it out the back and burn it – no compromise.” Well, damn! I would happily take those “imperfect” bags off their hands! (Telegraph)



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