The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Get Your $40 Obama ’12 Nail Polish, DKNY PR Girl is a Super Tweeter, and The Alberta Ferretti for Macy’s Impulse Lookbook


• The Barack Obama campaign is offering a set of three nail polishes (in patriotic red, white, and blue hues) for a whopping $40.

Before you faint from sticker shock remember: buying this set will be cheaper than buying birth control under Mitt Romney’s administration. (Styleite)

• If you thought Alexander Wang’s sweatshop was bad, you probably hadn’t heard about Tommy Hilfiger‘s Bangladeshi garment factories. Last year, 29 workers were trapped and died in a fire at one of the factories that produces Hilfiger’s clothes. ABC News’s Brian Ross went to the Tommy Hilfiger Fall 2012 show to ask the designer if he was still getting his garmets from the same establishement. Hilfiger replied with an emphatic “no,” saying that PVH Corp (the company that produces Hilfiger’s clothing) would “never manufacture clothes in any of those factories ever again.” Ross was then removed from the premises. Now, Hilfiger admits that he lied at the time of Ross’s interview, and continues to work with those factories so he might continue to get the cheapest labor possible influence better working conditions for the employees. (Fashionista)

• Hey Millenials, Macy’s wants you! The mid-range department store is rolling out a new startegy to attract “mstylelab ” customers (between the ages of 13 and 22) and Impulse customers, whose ages range from 19-30. These age groups spend over $65 billion a year, which is amazing since they are largely unemployed. (WWD)

• On that note, Millenials et al: check out the Alberta Ferretti for Impulse collection lookbook. (Racked)

• Let’s take a moment to praise fashion’s most beloved tweeter, DKNY PR girl (@DKNY), who tweeted 1,105 times last month. The second and third most prolific tweeters were Betsey Johnson and Kate Spade‘s people, but DKNY PR girl produced over three times more tweets than they did. I appreciate her zeal, but it sounds like somebody is working too hard! (WWD)


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