The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Franca Sozzani Working on an African-Themed L’Uomo Vogue, Plus Sized Model Tara Lynn Covers ELLE France, and a Full Figured Black Girl Muses on Fashion Industry Exclusion

• We’re on the last few days of New York Fashion Week, and it seems like the whole thing started ages ago. Here’s what’s up at the tents today: 8:30-10AM Norisol Ferrari, 9AM Tory Burch, 9:30-10:30AM J.Crew, 10AM Badgley Mischka, 11AM Vera Wang, 1PM Diesel Black Gold,  2:00-3:30PM Fotini, 2PM Naeem Khan, 3PM Dennis Basso, 5PM Pamella Roland, 7:30-8:30PM Haus Alkire 8PM Narciso Rodriguez,  9PM Emerson.


Franca Sozzani, the lone Vogue editor who actually cares about black folks, told Stylite she is working on a L’Uomo Vogue issue dedicated to Africa. The editrix has already helmed the iconic all-black issue of Vogue Italia, and a previous African-themed issue of L’Uomo. She says this upcoming issue will be quite different from the last: “It will be about the presidents, it will be about the people. But in a very positive way. I don’t want to say in a glamourous way, but I wanted to show the best side, but only the good side. There are a lot of talents, a lot of talented people in art, in music, in cinema and everywhere. So I really wanted to push that side.” Since most of the world thinks Africa is one big war-torn safari, I can get on board with Franca’s attempts to help dispel this stereotype. (Styleite)


• It seems full-figured divas are having a moment this month. Adele is the cover girl for American Vogue, and now ELLE France has unveiled its March issue, featuring full figured model Tara Lynn. This isn’t Lynn’s first time covering a major print publication. She joined two other models for Vogue Italia’s June 2011 editorial Belle Verve, that sumptuous spread featuring curvaceous models lounging in opulently decorated boudoirs. While a little diversity in these glossies is always welcome, this plus-sized thing seems to be a bit of a novelty to these publications. (Daily Mail)


Lifestyle Mirror is a new luxury shopping site started by Emanuele Della Valle (son of Tod’s president and CEO Diego Della Valle) and photographer Francesco Carrozzini. The site has an editorial section focusing on the frivolities enjoyed by the fashion set: food (for those who dare to eat), music, culture, art, and travel. Each month, the site will feature a noted fashion figure, and to kick off their new venture, Della Valle and Carrozzini have chosen none other than beer heiress and fashion muse Daphne Guinness. Watch her talk about her love for ’60s tunes, what she’s reading, and of course, and how she “glides ’round the edges of the fashion industry.” (Stylefile)


Dara Adeeyo, a writer for Cosmopolitan, pens an open letter of sorts discussing the lack of black faces in the fashion industry, and how she feels particularly excluded as a plus-sized woman of color. While she doesn’t seem to see the near-absence of racial diversity as much of a problem, “The lack of representation of blacks in the fashion industry is an issue that I’m not sure is of dire concern,” she does take issue with the industry’s refusal to be more accommodating to larger women. She recalls a fashion show she recently attended: “The show…had sophisticated, cool dresses I could personally see myself wearing…if I were a size 2. Needless to say, not seeing a full-figured woman walk down the runway in a designer’s creation does make me wonder if I could ever wear their clothes and if they are even thinking of me, the average-sized consumer. And if they’re not thinking of me or anyone else I know, exactly WHO are they thinking of?” (StyleCaster)



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