The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Beyoncé’s “Party” Video Teaser, Donatella Takes Us Through the Versace x H&M Collection, and A Kardashian Home Kollection in The Works

• For the pregnancy conspiracy theorists: Here’s a teaser for Beyoncé‘s video for “Party” featuring J.Cole.

Because she wasn’t showing at the time of the shoot, that definitely means she’s not pregnant now. (Necole Bitchie)

• It seems Louis Vuitton isn’t the only design house diversifying their product offeringsWWD reports that Prada is releasing a limited edition jewelry collection in November. So if resin roses with jewel accents and crocodile bracelets is what you want for Christmas, prices start at $488.(Fashionista)

• Ms. Donatella Versace walks us through the Versace x H&M collaboration, a collection of iconic Versace pieces to be disseminated amongst the plebes. Ms. Versace says, “I know that with the H&M collection I’m going to reach a much wider audience than usual. When I’m going to see young people in the street wearing these iconic pieces it’s going to be fun.” Yes, it shall greatly amuse the lady to see the peasantry dressed in such an ostentatious manner. (Fashionista)

• Meat dress, lobster headpiece, spiked thong. Lady Gaga has worn a treasure trove of iconic pieces, but perhaps her most memorable have been the famous heelless shoes by designer Noritaka Tatehana. While you’d normally have to take a trip to Tokyo to see the shoes in person, Comme des Garçons has teamed up with the designer to present a three part exhibition featuring the shoes. So if you’re in Paris, London, or Tokyo, check out the shows which are running under the rather vague time frame “from two weeks to a few months, under fluid condition.” So, yeah… whatever that means! (Hint)

• Multiple cable television specials are not enough. The Kardashians are dead set on being permanent fixtures in your home. The clan is set to produce a second Kollection with Sears, featuring items including sheets, hand towels, and beer mugs. They will not stop ’til they get all up in your biznazz. What’s next, Kardashians x Kotex? Oh wait. That already happened. (ELLE)

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