The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Beyoncé’s Makeup Artist Says Her Skin is ‘Flawless,’ Draya Michele Launches ‘Fine Ass Girls’ Clothing, and Louis Vuitton’s Spring 2013 Campaign

Wei Lang, Beyoncé‘s makeup artist, talked to The Cut about products he uses on her face, saying,  “I don’t really use a lot of makeup on her,” he said, “The one thing I do when she goes out is contour (because of the photography) but not too heavily. She has flawless skin, so I don’t really want to cover that up.”  Lang, who only does Beyoncé’s makeup for red carpet events (she likes to do her own makeup most of the time,)  also added that he often outfits the diva with mink eyelashes. “I use strips by Velour called ‘Are Those Real,'” He dished, “and I got her really into it, so she buys them by the ton.”  (The Cut)

• And now for the shade of the week: last night, at the premiere of Viva Forever!, the Spice Girls musical, Victoria Bekham did not pose for any red carpet snaps with her former bandmates. (Styleite)

• As December 21st quickly approaches, mother nature gives us some not-so-subtle signs of the impending apocalypse. Just yesterday, Basketball Wives LA star Draya Michele launched her clothing line, ‘Fine Ass Girls,’ (aka FAGS… I’m gonna let that acronym sink in…) made for the “classy, beautiful” and  “educated” (her words!) woman. The collection is now sold out thanks to said educated women who un-ironically bought the printed cropped sweatshirts and beanies. Jokes aside, we can at least congratulate Draya for stacking coins. Any Fashion Bomb readers cop anything from Ms. Michele? (Global Grind)

Victoria’s Secret Angel Cameron Russell took the stage at this year’s TED conference to encourage young girls to stay in school, and get those silly ideas of being a glamourous fashion model out of their little heads.  “You could be the President of the Unites States or the inventor of the next internet,” she said, “or a ninja cardio-thoracic surgeon poet, which would be awesome because you would be the first one.” Or, you could be a model! The impassioned Russell continued: “Saying you want to be a model when you want to grow up is akin to saying you want to win the Powerball when you grow up. It’s out of your control and it’s awesome but it’s not a career path.” (Vogue UK)

Louis Vuitton‘s checkerboard- filled Spring 2013 campaign (photographed by Steven Meisel)  is delightfully dizzying. (WWD)


Evelyn Lozada looks frost bitten and saucy for her new PETA ad. (The YBF)
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