The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Azealia Banks Wants More Free Clothes, Take A Look At ANTM’s Cycle 18 Sneak Peek, and Tom Ford’s Fall 2012 Collection Sounds Amazing

• What’s a girl gotta do to get some free clothes up in here? Rapper Azealia Banks has charmed her way into the hearts of the fashion elite, performing at Karl Lagerfeld‘s Parisian home and working with Mugler Creative Director and Lady Gaga stylist, Nicola Formichetti. But that doesn’t necessarily mean the freebies are rolling in. When Fashionista asked Ms. Banks if she’s getting gifts from designers, she responded “Not as much as I would like!” Looks like Azealia Banks and I have the same problem! (Fashionista)

America’s Next Top Model is going international for their 18th cycle, pitting 7 up-and-coming American models against 7 Britain’s Next Top Model All-Stars. Will it be the picture of rachetness? Most likely. There are real tears falling down to my ears at the American girl saying “bring it, trick” to one of the British contestants in this video clip. The madness starts Wednesday, February 29th. I’ll be watching. Will you?  (The Cut)


• Also coming February 29th is Mary Katranzou’s Topshop collection. The date originally  given for the U.S. release was wrong. So, you have one more week to save your pennies before it drops!



• Welp. Rihanna did that “Birthday Cake” remix with Chris Brown after all. She’s also on Breezy’s remix for “Turn Up The Music.” (Hello Beautiful)


• Since it will be months before we plebes are able to see Tom Ford‘s Fall 2012 collection, we will imagine its hauteness through reviews written by various fashion critics. So far, we know that there’s lots of animal print, fur (we’re talking beaver, skunk, and alpaca), modern (but classic) menswear-inspired silhouettes, and plenty of red and black. So… I gather it’s pretty flawless? (Styleite)


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