The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: André Leon Talley to Star in New Reality Show, Gucci Takes Guess to Court, and Kardashian Swimwear Ad Sparks Controversy

Bravo is lined up to produce a new fashion reality show starring none other than André Leon Talley. The show is tentaively called Fashion Stories of NYC, and our beloved ALT will mentor four design teams competing in a Project Runway-style competition. Honestly, I’d be content watching ALT sit in front of a green screen, chatting, but this is great news. Will you tune in? (The Cut)

• The trademark dispute between Gucci and Guess has finally made it to federal court. The issue is over a set of accessories Guess designed, which feautred block letter G’s, a diamond pattern, and red and green stripes. Yeah. Sounds a lot like a Gucci bag, right?  Gucci’s people say that Guess knocked off over $200 million in merchandise, with the “clear intent” to make people think what they were buying was “Gucci” (in the Guess store?). It’s taken three years for this case to get to federal court. (WWD)

Victoria Beckham is pleased to see Beyoncé‘s getting her clothes for free wearing her clothes. The designer said, “I was very excited when I saw it online. I screamed, and said, ‘Look, David, look!’ She was one hot mama, for sure.” Meanwhile, I was just screaming because Beyoncé came up on my computer screen. (People StyleWatch)


• A pair of old, possibly wormy silk mules believed to be owned by Marie Antionette have been auctioned off for $57,000. Clearly money well spent. (AFP)


• The Ad for the Kardashian swimwear line is causing a bit of controversy. Fans were upset to see Kourtney and Kim proudly baring their figures, while poor Khloe is stuck rocking a dowdy caftan. Several fans asked “why” Khloe was covered up, but I’m pretty sure even I, who had nothing to do with these ads, could accurately answer that question. (Fashionista)

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