The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: The Kidult / Marc Jacobs Graffiti War Continues, Stuart Vevers Talks Plans for Coach, and A Look at NeNe Leakes’s Wedding


• Last year, graffiti artist Kidult tagged the Marc Jacobs Mercer street location, spurring the desinger to sell t-shirts picturing the artist’s handiwork for $686. Now it seems Kid has struck again, this time spraying Jacobs’s Paris store with a big, green, $686, tweeting afterwards: “680? 689?…686?! How much are you going to sell this for? #kidultarmyparis #thisisnotart.” Marc Jacobs has no intention of letting this one slide, either. The Marc Jacobs International twitter account has already posted several photos of the “installation,” even encouraging people to stop by and see it for their “viewing pleasure.” On top of that, the Paris store is already selling ‘686’ tees, having also shared a snap of a stack they debuted at their Paris location yesterday: $686 for an unsigned tee, and $480 for a signed one.  Last night, Marc Jacobs Int’l shared a photo employees rocking ‘686’ snapbacks, with the caption “Celebrating @therealkidult in #Paris tonight. Our hats off to you.” Shots fired! Do you think Kidult and Marc Jacobs are in kahoots on a genius marketing campaign? Or is this just a big f-you to the artist?(Vogue UK @marcjacobsintl)



• Newly-appointed Coach creative director Stuart Vevers sat down with WWD to chat about his plans for the label. The designer expressed intentions to keep to Coach’s signature aesthetic, by staying true to the brand’s heritage in order develop its expanding offerings. By the end of this year, Coach will roll out a more complete product line which will include apparel, jewelry, eyewear, and more. “To me, the brand is key,” says Vevers. “Everything should reflect the values of the brand, and it’s about bringing uniqueness and it’s about bringing differentiation. The product comes from the soul of the brand. The product speaks to the brand.” We can also expect to shill out more for Coach products. The label is known for its affordability, but Vevers is hoping that a higher price point might help to elevate its image: “You can have a $5,000, $2,000, $3,000 Coach bag in the future,” he noted. Hmm… I’m excited to see what Vevers puts out! (WWD)


Men’s Wearhouse has released a statement as to why they fired George Zimmer, founder and former executive chairman of the brand. Zimmer resinged as CEO two years ago, and attempted to make a play at retaining some of the power he lost after turning the company over to Doug Ewart. According to Men’s Wearhouse, Zimmer was trying to “[advocate] for significant changes that would enable him to regain control,” but was “unable to convince any of the board members or senior executives that his positions were in the best interests of employees, shareholders or the company’s future.” They say Zimmer threatened to sell the company if the board would not comply with his requests, and after the rest of Men’s Wearhouse’s executive team refused to do so, Zimmer  “presented the board with the choice of either, a) continuing to support our ceo and the management team on the successful path they had been taking, or b) effectively reinstating Mr. Zimmer as the sole decision maker.” The board, obviously choosing the former option, thus decided it was time to let Zimmer go. (WWD)



Life & Style has a first look inside NeNe Leakes‘s wedding to her now on-again husband  Gregg. The $1.8 million dollar affair took place in front of 400 guests at the InterContinental hotel in  Atlanta. Nene chose a $50,000 embellished Baracci dress for the Old Hollywood-themed occasion, a perfect complement to her 10 karat wedding band. Noted guests included Cynthia Bailey, Vivica A. Fox, and a sprinkling of other Bravo ‘Housewives.’ Good to see NeNe and Gregg back together! (Life & Style)


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