The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Beyoncé’s H&M Summer Campaign Commercial, A Petition to Keep John Galliano from Parsons Teaching Gig Emerges, and at Least 194 Dead in Bangladesh Garment Factory Building Collapse

beyonce mrs carter h&m video
Beyoncé continues her media takeover with the release of the commercial for the H&M summer campaign. Keeping in the theme of royalty, the singer channels her inner Tahitian island queen as she rolls around in the sand, flicking water droplets to and fro from her expertly installed yaki.

In the music video commercial, Mrs. Carter does a rain dance of sorts to a new song, ‘Standing on the Sun,’ which will be sure to appease the stans who have been aching for new music from the diva. What do you think of the commercial? (Vogue UK)

Solange Knowles Rachel Roy Met Gala 2012

• For those of us whose Met Gala invitations got lost in the mail, tune into all the red carpet antics on May 6th during the event’s livestream, hosted by Vogue editor William Norwich and model Hillary Rhoda. You can catch the action at,, and (WWD)



• Of course, there’s a petition looking to keep John Galliano from teaching his master class at Parsons School of Design. The petition, seemingly penned by current Parsons students, reads: “It doesn’t matter if its for three months or three days, hiring someone who has made such horrific comments shows that the school values Galliano over their entire Jewish student body. It shows they value him over their students’ respect, peace of mind, and heritage. It is disgraceful to hire someone who has made such inhumane comments.” The petition has been signed by several Parsons alums and students, all outraged that the disgraced (or recovering, however you wish to see it) designer will be on the school’s payroll. While their anger is understandable, I wonder if maybe it’s worth it to give a recovering alcoholic a chance. What do you think? Will you be signing this petition? (TFS)



• Former Victoria’s Secret model Kylie Bisutti talks about the moment she decided to leave her coveted title as a Victoria’s Secret Angel behind. It all started during a shoot for FHM magazine, where she was instructed to pose provocatively, and was told “this is what Victoria’s Secret models do”. True (and obvious) as the statement is, Bisutti came to a realization that her job was to “tittilate men,” which made her feel like a “piece of meat….I realised that I didn’t want to model anything that sold sex,” she told the New York Post. The fallen angel has since returned to Montana to be with her husband, to work on a “modest” Christian clothing line and her soon-to-be released book I’m No Angel: From Victoria’s Secret Model to Role Model (because VS models can’t be role models, naturally). “It spreads my message, which is that beauty isn’t about what you look like, it’s about what’s in your heart. That’s the most important thing.” While I applaud her for standing up for her beliefs, is it really necessary to paint the other VS models as immoral for their decision to pose in lingerie? What do you think?  (Vogue UK)


• A Bangladesh garment factory collapsed yesterday, killing at least 194 people and injuring several others. This news comes five months after a fire at another nearby factory killed 112 people. Located in the now-destroyed building were several different factories, many of which served retailers familiar to us in the States, like Mango, WalMart, and Joe Fresh. So far, authorities have been able to rescue 12 of the 40 survivors they were able to identify. Building inspectors found cracks in the foundation of the eight-story building on Tuesday, and while other businesses in the building were evacuated, the garment factories continued on their regular schedule. There has been a huge movement to reform Bangladesh safety codes, and this tragedy only provides another reason why changes need to swiftly been made. We will keep you updated as this story develops, and as people are pulled from the rubble. (WWD, ABC News)


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