The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: 5 Questions for Christian Louboutin, Gilt Groupe Lays off 10% of Its Staff, and UK Shoppers Aren’t Fans of Kim Kardashian’s Shoes

Christian Louboutin sat down with the folks at Bergdorf Goodman‘s 5th/58th blog, answering five questions, including “Which trend do you want to see go out of style?”

In true from, Louboutin answered, “Clogs,” (wait, clogs are a trend?) because he “love[s] shoes,” (but hates comfortable ones). He continues, “Hearing the sound of a clog, it’s really not nice, not pretty, it’s an ugly sound, and it makes not only an ugly look, but the way people are walking, only in the desert, should you be like, those camel-types of walk.” (5th/58th)

• If you’re sick of Kim Kardashian, so are folks in the UK. The reality star’s membership-based shoe website, Shoedazzle, is shutting down operations across the pond after expanding to the British Isles only last September. UK members received an email from the site saying their subscriptions would be terminated at the end of the month, and several pairs of shoes are on sale at deeply discounted prices. Some are hailing this event as a sign of the Kardashians’s waning sphere of influence, but I just think British customers are less inclined to buy low-quality shoes from an overexposed American Princess. (The Cut)


Céline fans will be deprived of a Fall 2012 runway show this year, as their creative director, the widely admired Phoebe Philo, is pregnant with her third child! Nobody wants to stress out a pregnant lady, so instead, the brand is opting for a scaled down production on March 4th. Congratulations to Ms. Philo on her pregnancy! (WWD)


Gilt Groupe might be worth $1 billion, but even their massive value couldn’t stop the mass layoff of 10% of their staff (80-90 persons), and shut down Gilt City offices in Houston, Atlanta, San Diego, Dallas, Seattle, and Philadelphia. The company, however, is said to be planning on hiring more people than were let go. So for those of you looking for a job, Gilt might be a good place to start! Or not… (Styleite)


Banana Republic is the next mass retailer to team up with a designer, this time with Trina Turk for a 60-piece collection of playful, girly springtime frocks in bright colors and print. The prices will be reasonable as expected, ranging from $49.50 to $150. Expect the capsule to be out in June. (WWD)



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