The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Jessica White is Filming A Reality Show, Riccardo Tisci Designs Rihanna’s ‘Diamonds’ Tour Costumes, and A Look at Marc Jacobs’s Diet Coke Campaign

The Fashion Bomb News Break Down-0311-Jessica White is Filming A Reality Show, Riccardo Tisci Designs Rihanna’s ‘Diamonds’ Tour Costumes, and A Look at Marc Jacobs’s Diet Coke Campaign
• Here’s something for the girls to add to their DVR’s: the New York Post reports yet again that Jessica White is currently filming a reality show. The model was spotted at the Doe Fund Sweet: New York event ki-kiing with Cynthia Bailey, with a camera crew in tow. The show will chronicle White’s life as a model and her burgeoning singing career. Already sounds like a winner…! Please note: there have been rumors of Jessica White filming a show in the past. Let’s see if this one goes to air! (NYP)


 • Isaac Mizrahi is set to launch a childrenswear line over the course of this year. First to drop will be a girls dress and sportswear range, followed by a shoe collection, with boys clothes hitting stores for the holiday season. WWD has a sneak peek of a few of the offerings for girls’ shoes, and they look pretty cute! (WWD)


Riccardo Tisci is whipping up more for Rihanna than some ‘ol t-shirt emblazoned with her likeness. The Givenchy creative director also crafted two of the singer’s costumes for her now-underway ‘Diamonds’ tour. The bespoke couture looks made their debut on the March 8th opening show in Buffalo. For the singer, Tisci created a Swarovski element-encrusted parka (pictured above), underneath which is a black and white leather bra with gold buckles and black satin shorts. He also designed a “floor-sweeping ruffled silk crepe cape in black with a embroidered collar and a pair of black-and-white leather thigh-high boots with lacing details.” According to the folks at Givenchy, the outfits are supposed to represent “female empowerment and urban haute couture elegance.” Do you think these costumes convey such lofty notions? (WWD)



Marc Jacobs‘s ads for Diet Coke are set to drop this week. The campaign stars Jacobs and Ginta Lapina, in various states of almost dropping or falling off of a Photoshop-imposed can of Diet Coke. Check out this one, featuring the buff designer attempting to pop open a bottle of the soda upon which Lapina is precariously seated.  (WWD)


Lilian Cahn, one of the co-founders of Coach, passed away last week at the age of 89. She leaves behind her husband, two daughters and son, as well as five grandchildren. Our thoughts and prayers go out to her family. (Vogue UK)

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