The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Alexander McQueen Meatpacking Shop Saleswomen Accused of Racism, André Leon Talley’s Talk Show Might Not Happen, and Beyoncé Shops at Target

alexander mcqueen meatpacking store
• Alexander McQueen‘s Meatpacking District store is embroiled in a legal battle, now that a former security guard is filing suit against shop saleswomen with claims that they subjected him to racial discrimination while he was working there. 22-year old Othman Ibela from Gabon alleges that one of the shopgirls, Kimberly Mahnke“repeatedly made jokes about me running nude in Africa with a spear in my hand.” He also says she told him that Barack Obama and his family should be “sent back to Africa.” In addition, Ibela says the staffers made a practice of ignoring black customers who came into the store, unless they were famous. “When Beyoncé came in, everyone wanted to help,” he said. The store manager, Catherine Flynn, is also included as an aggressor in this suit. Ibela claims she told him his accent made him sound like he was speaking Swahiliwhich is not the native tongue of the people of Gabon. He says the abuse was so intense, it caused him emotional distress and depression, driving him to consider killing his coworkers and himself. “Then everybody would be a loser.” To help quell these feelings, he asked to be reassigned, but says his hours were cut and pay was docked as a result. He left McQueen in January. Mahnke claims that Ibela’s allegations are untrue, and McQueen retail director Gayle Sheck could not be reached for comment. (NYP)



• Forever 21 is joining forces with Marvel Comics on a back-to-school collection, set to drop this week at Forever 21 stores. Of course, the range is emblazoned with images of Marvel comic strips, as well as their iconic characters like Thor and Iron Man. This junior’s apparel and accessories offering will be priced fro $12.80 to $22.80, and will be available in “comic shops” within Forever 21 stores. Anyone plan on checking this out? (WWD)



• Adriana Lima is leaving Marilyn modeling agency for Society Management, a year-old endeavor for which her agent, Chris Gay, recently left his post at Marilyn. It appears Lima is following Gay, who has been named general manager of Society, and functions as executive director of North American operations of Elite World Group. (Page Six)


Vogue's American editor-at-large Andre Leon Talley attends the Ralph Lauren Fall 2011 fashion show
• When is André Leon Talley’s talk show going to air? According to the man himself, it might never make it to broadcast at all! In an interview with V magazine, Talley is asked if his much anticipated late night gig might make him another Andy Cohen. “No, I don’t think that’s true,” he replied, “My deal is not to be the next Andy Cohen and is not even in its set stage; it’s in its incubating stage. So I have nothing to report. If it doesn’t happen, I’ll be fine too.” NOO! Shall my dreams of watching Talley’s musings on Hulu in bed on Friday night be dashed before they can even come to fruition? (V)


Zendaya Coleman's 7-Eleven 86th Birthday Party Marc by Marc Jacobs Tootsie Floral Print Shirt and Christian Louboutin Pink Dos Noeud Peep Toe Heels Christian-Louboutin-Pink-Satin-Dos-Noeud-10915701-1045

• Last month, Christian Louboutin filed a lawsuit against shoemaker Charles Jourdan for producing a shoe with a red sole. Louboutin claimed that this particular footwear item infringed upon his red sole trademark, and DSW also bears responsibility for also selling the offending footwear. Fortunately, this particular case won’t drag on like last year’s YSL-Louboutin affair. WWD reports that DSW, Jourdan, and Louboutin have all come to an agreement to settle on undisclosed terms. At least they saved on legal fees! (WWD)


• Beyoncé: she’s just like us! Well, save for multi-platinum records, millions of dollars, and a host of stans to defend their benevolent queen at the ready. The ‘Grown Woman’ singer was spotted in the hat section of Target, browsing for deals, as any of us plebes would. Of course her bodyguard Julius wasn’t too far away. (HuffPost)



• Surprise, surprise: Kate Moss has snagged another magazine cover, this time posing for Allure‘s August issue. In the accompanying article, she talks about her 8-year-old daughter’s obsession with Devil Wears Prada character Miranda Priestly“She’s watched The Devil Wears Prada ten times, and she’s got a desk in her room with a phone,” she dished. “She puts a little outfit on and picks up the phone: ‘Hello, Miranda Priestly’s office.’ I say, ‘Lila, do you know who Miranda Priestly is in real life?’ But she just doesn’t care. She’s like, ‘Hello, Miranda Priestly’s office. Can you hold? Patrick Demarchelier on the line!’ I died when I heard her do it. So funny. She doesn’t have a clue who she is, but it’s word for word.” (The Cut)





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