• Taller Than Your Boo? Shop These Fashionable Kitten Heels and Flats

    Monica writes, “I am currently dating someone who is the same height as me. I’m 5’7″ but when I wear heels I’m pushing 6 ft. While there is nothing wrong with that, I just find it to be a little awkward and it makes me feel slightly uncomfortable. I LOVE heels but I still want to be able to look chic going on dates, work parties, and nights out in London wearing flats. Please help!”

    Ah, Monica, I feel your plight. One of my first boyfriends and I were the same height as well. I had to get used to rocking sneakers, which is so not my steeze…!
    Though a lot of you are not fans of kitten heels, I personally love ’em, especially Valentino rockstuds. They’re flashy enough to look dressy, yet are low enough to not compete with your boo.

    Stylist Giovanna Battaglia in Valentino Kitten Heels

    They’re a splurge, but if you’re up for it, get ’em here:

    Want the kitten heel look, but don’t want to overspend? Brands as varied as J.Crew and Jeffrey Campbell have more affordable options:

    Get the look with these:

    Afraid of looking *gasp* dowdy? Winter is a great time to experiment with flat and low wedge boots. Pop on knee high or thigh high versions to add a bit of spice to a short skirt, jeans, or a mini dress:

    Get ’em here:

    And, depending on the weather, you can still rock with a pair of snazzy flats.

    Check out these studded, bedazzled beauts:

    And if those don’t work, just embrace your height difference!
    Be further encouraged and inspired by these celeb couples:

    Kevin Hart and Eniko Parish

    Kimora Lee Simmons and Djimon Honsou

    Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban

    Chef Marcus Samuelsson and wife Maya Samuelsson

    What do you think?
    *Thx to everyone on Twitter who helped me think of couples to illustrate this post!


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