“They’re just heels, honey. They can only support so much weight.” Jessica Walter as Lucille from Arrested Development.

The other day was an absolutely gorgeous day in New York.


I was wearing my new Urban Outfitters plaid-ish bubble skirt…walking and doing my Kimora Lee Simmons** walk on my way to lunch with a friend in Bryant Park:

I’m swishing, switching, etc and suddenly my left foot was just not connecting to the ground at the proper level…

I looked down and voila, le culprit:

Can you believe that?!??!? The left heel on my Bronx black shoes straight up broke. Fine, they were two year old leftovers from my minimum wage making days as an intern. But I was still so caught off guard!

I pulled it together like a lady and hobbled along until I finally got back to work and put on some flip flops. Still, I started thinking about my earlier shoe post and how I’d gotten sidetracked by sweaters, skirts, and the like.

Now that I’ve seen first hand the error in buying cheaper shoes, I’m going to have to really pursue this fancy shoe pursuit…starting NOW.

Well, good news…the bards of reason/songstresses of sanity/my friends have spoken, and informed me that I should return one of my cute sweaters to Lacoste. It hurts, but I’m gonna have to do that…and take my $100 and start a Manolo Fund.

My Manolo meter/Louboutin Bank/Jimmy Choo Fund…will basically be sort of like Bank of America’s Keep the Change system with a twist. For every sale I catch…I’ll put the difference between what I paid and the original price in a savings account. [Example, with my bubble skirt, I saved $23…so that amount would be added to the Manolo Meter].

I’ll invest in a new pair of sweet heels like these…

…when I save about $500. Then I’ll start my search…at outlets, on ebay, wherever…and if I spend lower than $500 I can just take that and put it into an account for a long term savings goal. Like I dunno. Maybe buying a house one day. Or taking a trip. Ya know some loftier goal.

So. The Manolo Meter currently is at $100. $400 to go…


**The Kimora Lee Simmons walk from pg. 141 of Fabulosity:
1. Rather than planting one foot in line with its hip on two parallel lines, bring both feet closer to one single center line when you step. It gives a sexy swing and an impression of length to your legs…
2. Imagine two strings pulling your hips from the front as you walk and two strings pulling your shoulders from behind, so that the pelvis ‘leads’ the body as you walk and the shoulders stay way back…
3. Keep your chin up and your neck long…
4. Don’t overswing your arms….
5. Keep your fingers relaxed…
6. Engage a few onlookers and smile…
7. Feel good about what you’re wearing.

No wonder I broke my heel!


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