So this past weekend I attended my college friend’s graduation from medical school. It was a lovely event, so I wanted to look spring pretty.
For the occasion, I hit up Nordstrom Rack and purchased an outfit I loved: a strapless blue cheetah print dress paired with a mirrored gold Michael Kors belt. I loved it so much I ducked photographers all day. When I was finally pulled into a group shot, I complied, only if the photographer agreed not to put the picture on Facebook.
Why? I wanted to wear my outfit again!

My Ashtyn Birthday Dress, January 12th

Before the age of digital cameras and social media, women could rework and re-wear their favorite outfits without worry. Sure, your friend might remember you wore the same striped tunic to both a picnic and a baby shower, but there was no record–no proof that you dipped back into your closet reserves.

At a Vivienne Westwood Dinner February 21st, wearing my birthday dress from January 12th.

There is absolutely zero shame in wearing the same thing twice or thrice. Michelle Obama notoriously repeats cardigans, belts, and dresses.

But we can’t deny there’s a slight social stigma or shame associated with the dreaded outfit repeat. For one, we’re influenced by celebrity culture, where our favorite stars are almost never spotted repeating. And if they do….the horror.

Facebook has pulled us into this ‘constantly photographed’ trend, so perhaps we feel we have to switch things up as much as celebrities do. We might buy and buy–or opt for www.renttherunway–to make sure our outfits seem fresh.
But why bother?
Can’t we just realize that repeating outfits is simply more realistic–both socially and financially?
Thx to Elaine, Stephanie, and Namik!


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