So one of my personal New Year’s Resolutions was to up my workout game in 2010. One too many chocolate croissants, brioches, and cups of Orangina have resulted in a pouch that just won’t work with my wardrobe!
If you, too, want to hit the gym or trails–fashionably–we’ve compiled the following looks for your based on your personality and fitness level!

First up, The Super Confident Gym Rat:

Like Amber Rose, you have no problem at all flaunting your body, and know your way around the gym. You most likely already have an arsenal of cute pieces, so simply reup your wardrobe with a new sports bra or two, running capris, and brand spanking new sneakers. If you’re a true gym diva, rock a pair of cute sunglasses on your way out:

2. Covered up Cutie

Perhaps its been a few months since you’re been in the gym, so you may want to go for a bit more conservative look in a loose fit tank or t-shirt with form fitting pants that make running or jumping easy. While you can find any old top anywhere, you can splurge on a cute, bright gym bag to pack all your essentials:

3. Shy and Starting Fresh:
Perhaps it’s been a lot longer than you’d like since you’ve been for a run. Relax yet feel confident in loose fit pants and an airy top. Throw on a jacket if you’re extra self conscious:

Which look suits your style?


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