Style Verdict: Nicki Minaj’s Massive Attack Video

Rap newcomer Nicki Minaj dropped her video for her song “Massive Attack” last night and I have to say it was more like a “minor tiff”.

After almost a year of guest starring in songs and videos from artists like Lil Wayne, Usher, and Ludacris, the rapper from Queens has finally got her own.

Though I get the idea of the “Massive Attack” and the military references seen in the Hype Williams-directed video, I believe the video also doubles as Nicki’s personal agenda to get folks to stop saying she wears butt pads. And boy was the point taken with all the profile shots. Sheesh.

Aesthetically speaking, Minaj looks great in her bubble gum pink lipstick with matching braided wig along with her killer eye makeup and fun bright green wet and wavy weave in a dancehall queen “for-video-only” kind of way. Her skin, as usual, is to die for!

Producer Sean Garrett lends his voice and face to both the song and video while our favorite crew cut toting fashionista Amber Rose makes a cameo with Nicki decked out in a hot pink Lamborghini.

The song itself is just okay (I tried to hate on it but after watching it enough, I find myself tapping my feet) and the video features tons of Minaj’s infamous facial ticks (which I can admit are growing tired), but there’s definitely something missing. Perhaps it’s time for me to admit I’m becoming one of those adults I dreaded when I was a teen who always talks about how good music used to be. *sigh*

Anyway, Fashion Bombettes, what say you of this vid?


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