Style Inspiration: What to Wear to Watch the Throne

So it seems a lot of you are going to see Kanye and Jay-Z’s Watch the Throne concert!
Kimmi says, “I understand that you’ve covered what to wear to a concert plenty of times before. However, I will be attending the Watch the Throne concert on November 19 in Atlantic City. Given that Jay and Kanye are so iconic in music as well as fashion, that this deserves its own entry. So please, what to wear to Watch the Throne??” Erica added, “I am one of the lucky people to score tix to the Watch the Throne concert in Chicago Dec.1st. Can you please give me a few ideas on what to wear to the concert. Keep in mind, I am attending with my boyfriend, and we are going to the club afterwards…Help! And thanks in advance. :)”
You lucky ladies. Ah, what I would give to rap “That $hit Cray,” along with Jay and ‘Ye. Sigh.
For concerts I tend to go for casual, but as we saw at Rihanna’s New Jersey concert, you can get pretty dressy! For Erica, strike a balance between relaxed and glam by pairing a tank with a leather skirt, sequined jacket and practical heels:

You’ll most likely be sitting most of the time, but if you want to turn it out for the club, heels it is! Just be sure to bring a pair of fast flats in your clutch:

If you’re more casual (ahem like me), I’d play it cool in black jeggings and a black leather jacket with a tank:

Get a few more options for less here:

What do you think?


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