Winter 2013 Style Inspiration: What to Wear to Prom

Reader Nina writes, “Dear Fashion Bomb people, first of all I’d like to say that I am a great fan of this site!! I visit everyday for inspiration, but I’m having trouble finding prom dress ideas. It’s my senior year and I’d like to look glam, wearing something long, a coral or golden color? Please help!! I found an iCandy Couture dress that fits this description but my folks say its too seductive, but I’ve fallen deep in love!! Please help me find a replacement relationship with a bomb prom dress, sincerely, Nina :)”

Hey, Nina! I would love to help! First, I wouldn’t recommend an iCandy Couture dress for the actual prom. Considering they tend to skew saucy, I’d say save that level feistiness for the after party! :)

I cooked up few ensembles that are mindful of what we’ve been seeing on the red carpets this award season.

Style-Inspiration-What-to-Wear-to-Prom-1 copyThis first look plays into the number 1 trend this season: black and white contrast. There’s always something chic about a black and white gown, and I’m loving this $95 Dillard’s beauty (a steal!). Pair it with a pair of strappy sandals, a simple mani, and you’re set!

I went with a pretty coral gown for look number 2.

The beauty about this dress is that it appears simple, but it features a low cut back. Sometimes sex appeal is most appealing when there’s just a hint of it; a tease. For the accessories, try these gold leaf earrings, and gold clutch.

Next up is golden glamour.

I love love love a gold gown! Keep things interesting by going for bold eye makeup, and emerald earrings. A nice updo would make this ensemble perfection!

I’ve noticed a few stars opting for navy blue over black, so I gave it a shot with this final look.
Style-Inspiration-What-to-Wear-to-PromThis is a bit of a departure from traditional prom attire, and I suppose that’s what I love. A navy blue dress paired with embellished pumps, and a bold red lip would be hot!

There you have it, Nina! These were merely a few suggestions, take it and make it your own! I hope it helped!


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