Style Inspiration: What to Wear to Football Games and After Parties

Tracy writes, “First, I wanna say that I LOVE fashion bomb daily. Second – I need help! I love football almost as much as I love fashion; it’s almost football season and I need help pulling together reasonably priced options for professional and HBCU games. I detest dresses & stilettos at games (but love it for afterparties) cause I’m truly all about the sport but I’m ok with wedges and a short heel. My team colors are black and gold (go Saints!) and blue and gold (SU Jags!). Also, if I’m not being too greedy, I wouldn’t mind some afterparty options too :)”

Not a problem, Tracy! Since football season begins towards the end of the summer and carries on into the cooler months, I kept that in mind when putting some of these looks together.

Show some New Orleans Saints pride with look number 1.

Wear this fly studded vest that you can pick up at Topshop for a cool $124. Keep the shirt underneath simple and without fuss. We want the vest and accompanying mustard jeans to be the focus of the look. Since it is a football game, you can rightfully ditch the stilettos, and perhaps go for a wedged sneaker instead. While this Giuseppe Zanotti pair is on the pricey side, you can get a more affordable option here. I kept the earrings simple, but added this chain ring in for interest (a current favorite of mine).

Next, I brightened things up a bit in order to pay homage to your beloved SU Jags.

I included a mellow yellow structured blazer and paired it with Bleulab waxed cotton jeans. Wear a simple tee with a charm necklace to add some intrigue. If you’d like to give your feet a rest (they’ll thank you!) slip on a pair of flats.  Throw your necessities into a bag and head out to the game!

After the game, it’s the after party! It’s time to throw on the heels and up the sauce factor.

Step out in this hot Mason by Michelle Mason Olive and leather dress. Throw on a pair of black pumps while accessorizing with your choice of either a hoop earring, or studs. Keep your manicure clean and simple with Essie’s Jazz.

Last up, you can try your hand at prints with a dress.

If you’re no mix master like Solange, the key is to make sure the surrounding pieces are without too many embellishments. Try a solid color shoe, like these Jimmy Choos. They add sparkle without detracting from the dress. The same should go for your choice of clutch for the night. For a pop of color, wear a bright lip. Then apply some blush, and get ready to dance.

Here’s to hoping this helped you out, Tracy! I wish I could get into football some more. :(

~ Cliché

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