Style Inspiration: What to Wear to an All Black Party

Miss Coco Shanell says, “There’s a huge all black party I go to every year and not once have I worn black ensuring that I stick out and always get caught in this best photos. This year there’s a rule: mostly black attire or no entry. Ugh any ideas on a mostly black outfit that will outshine a sea of other black outfits?”
Hi Coco! For me, the most alluring all black outfits play with texture. Feathers, lace, sparkles, leather, and sequins will help you stand out in a sea of all black. My recommendation would be to wear a lace black top with a feathered skirt, along with black ankle strap platforms. If it’s cold outside, throw on a fluffy black jacket, and accent your look with black nail polish and a dark red lip.

As always, the items above are splurges, so click on the widget below for tons of all black options that should give you some ideas. You really can do so many things with this look! Try leather, satin, ruffles, anything!

Also check out these celeb pics for more inspiration:

I’m a big fan of lace tops myself:)

Have fun!


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