Style Inspiration: What to Wear to an 80’s Party

Alia writes, “ I will be going to a 80’s party soon and I was wondering if I could get some suggestions on what to wear?”

Oh, the 80’s… Home to big hair, high top fades, and neon everything. Let’s try to recreate some of that jazz, shall we?

First up, I decided to put together something on the sexier side. I kept it relatively simple with the black spaghetti strap dress, but uplifted the look with the Juicy Couture neon orange blazer.

I then decided to include a hot pair of patent leather pumps from Vince Camuto. Next, the gold plated earrings because it wouldn’t be the 80’s without these. Complete the look with a yellow bag from Aldo, blue eyeshadow, and it’s time to party.

For the second look, I toned down the colors a notch. I incorporated a white crop top, with a black bodycon skirt from Topshop.

The metallic blue pumps look great against the black and white garments. Accessorize with a rope chain and bamboo earrings (remember these? I’ll shamefully admit I had a pair with my name written on it in high school). Throw your lipstick and other necessities into this geometric shaped purse, and you’re set.

Last, but certainly not least, I took a fun and cute approach. In the 80’s it was all about MTV, and this crop top tee comes complete with the vintage logo.

I paired the tee with pink cycling shorts. I then gave you the option of orange Reebok sneakers or yellow heels; hopefully one or the other tickles your fancy. Paint your nails a fun purple, put on these lightning strike earrings, your neon bag, and you’re good!

I’ve been to my fair share of 80’s parties and have seen each of these looks represented to some degree. Did my options help? Check back in with us at, with photos of how you interpreted this style inspiration. Have fun!



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