Style Inspiration: What to Wear to a Toddler’s Birthday Party

Ervley writes, “I am having my daughter’s 1 year birthday party in February. What do you think would be a good outfit to wear? I need to be comfortable, so no heels:( Heels always make the outfit for me , but I still want to be fancy!”
When I think of a birthday party for a toddler, I imagine bright colors in darker shades so errant splashes of juice, ice cream, or cake don’t end up ruining your look. Go for a playful theme with a fun sweater with fancy sequins, punched up by electric blue jeans that are fashion forward, yet comfortable enough to run around.

Instead of heels, opt for chic flats in a funky print. Give the kids something to ogle with multicolored earrings, and snap pix on a camera in a cool hue:

If the party is offsite, slip on a scarf, and stash all you need in an oversized neon bag that’s party and kid friendly.
Get a similar look with these lower priced options:

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*The Sweater pictured above is also available in not-so-kid-friendly white:

Which do you prefer?


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