Style Inspiration: What to Wear to Any Concert Anywhere

So aside from getting wardrobe requests for what to wear to a birthday party or what to wear to a wedding, we get the most mail seeking advice on What to Wear to a Hip Hop Concert!

Whether our Bombshells are going to see Drake or Wale, curious divas have been flooding our inbox for tips on how to look fly for a concert.
Before focusing on What to Wear, it’s important to note What not to Wear:
1. Don’t wear uncomfortable shoes. You will most likely either be standing or dancing. You don’t want sore feet at the end of the night!

2.Avoid anything without pockets. Pockets are useful for holding miscellaneous items like your ticket or lipgloss (duh!).

3. Steer away from open toed shoes. If things get rowdy, you’ll want to protect your toes.

4. Don’t wear too warm clothes inside or too little clothes outside. Make sure to layer so you’re prepared for anything! A chunky wool sweater inside a steamy auditorium=nightmare.

5. Don’t wear a huge hat. That is unless you want the people sitting behind to hate you.
(An example of how wearing a big hat at any public event can be slightly annoying):

Now on to What to Wear.

For an indoor concert:

There are no weather concerns inside, so don’t be afraid to dress up! Opt for jeans with a sexy top, polished off with an eye catching blazer (depending on the weather) or a vest. Jazz everything up with fun flats or flat boots, and store everything in a compact and easy cross body bag. Have fun with accessories and makeup:

For an outdoor concert:

Outdoor concerts are typically more casual affairs–and you have to deal with the elements! Focus on layering and comfort here. Wear your favorite tank, but definitely pack a hoodie or a jacket for nighttime chills. I’d go for shorts in the summer and jeans in the fall, again with flat shoes (or even sneakers!) and a cross body bag.

Hopefully this takes care of all those concert wardrobe queries that have been piling up:)

And for more What to Wear options, check out our section, or stay tuned for updates!


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