Style Inspiration: What to Wear to A Greek Party

Sammie writes, “I’m going to a Greek event this weekend, as in a sorority and fraternity event. But I’m not in a sorority just going out to have a good time. I wanted some outfit ideas. I hope to not wear any sorority colors together like Pink & Green, Red & White, Blue & Yellow, Blue & White, etc.”

In times like these when you can’t wear a lot of basic color combinations, go with a neutral print. That way, no one will mistake you for a greek. If you want to wear colors that might be co-opted by a certain organization, make sure they are put together so they are clearly non greek. That is, if you are dying to wear that pink blouse, wear a blue skirt. If you have that fly red pair of shorts that you haven’t had a chance to wear, throw on a yellow tank. Don’t forget to have fun with it!


Here’s some more options:


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