Style Inspiration : What to Wear to a College Football Game

Hey Guys!
So reader Alexis wrote in, saying, “I am a college student and I need help figuring out what to wear to football games. I reside in Georgia so you know that football is BIG! I want to be stylish but comfortable so that I can enjoy the GAME! Please help! Thanx XOXO!”
Well, where I went to school, wearing a school t-shirt and jeans was sufficient enough to show team spirit while enjoying the game. But in Georgia, especially UGA, it seems the girls turn it OUT in dresses and cute outfits that pick up on the school’s colors (red, black and white):

Look cute in shorts and skirts that accent your silhouette while also keeping you cool in the heat.
If the options above are a tad too dressy, you can go for a little more relaxed with these:

Whichever you choose, make sure you’re comfortable in flat or wedge shoes. And no matter your school, use this as inspiration–sub in your school colors for your own unique look.

Have fun!
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