Style Inspiration: What to Wear on a Blind Date

Sam says, “Please help me! I am going on a blind date next week and I am clueless as to what I should wear. My blind date and I will be meeting up at a local bar with some friends. I want to stand out and look sexy without going over the top. Any wardrobe suggestions?”
Hey Sam! I’d say that for a blind date, you should wear a mixture of casual and dressy items, showing you’re cool and collected with fun jeans and a blazer, yet demonstrating your sexy side with heels and a well picked top. The rule of thumb with a blind date is to not go overboard with your outfit: never reveal too much (deep v’s and high hems are a no-no) and don’t go for wild or zany (stash your silver sequined jacket for date three). In case your first encounter is awkward, wear a few subtle conversation pieces like a statement necklace or a funky ring–they may encourage dialogue during a lull. 
Play the rest of your look down so your date can focus on you:

If it’s hot in your neck of the woods, leave the blazer at home.
Get the look above plus other options for tops and accessories here:

Good luck!


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