Style File: VH1’s Single Ladies

Readers have been clamoring for looks from VH1’s Single Ladies ever since the show hit the small screen. Positioned as the urban Sex And The City, VH1’s fashionable Single Ladies pick up where Samantha, Miranda, Charlotte, and Carrie left off, with Val, Keisha, and April twirling in gold shorts, blue Louboutins, and saucy strapless snow white frocks.

While on set stylist Anthony Williams creates most of the looks by combining vintage pieces (like the cut out white vintage Thierry Mugler dress Val wore on the last episode) or custom pieces (think pink top and green bow skirt cut from Carolina Herrera fabric), we can still help you get the look of a few of your fave new female characters.

Val, the protagonist, is a New York City transplant to Atlanta. While she holds on to her classic New York City chic style, she adds a Southern twist with select draped and flowing pieces.

Smart silhouettes and standout accessories are a must for any New Yorker in warm weather. Since there’s less to wear in the heat, bold shoes and jewelry are a must.



Keisha, the sexpot of the group, is a showstopper in every sense of the word. From her bubbly personality to her style of dress, she’s the chick who’s always going to get noticed.

Dramatic shapes and patterns are the name of the game for this fashionista. If it’s unexpected (or particularly figure-hugging), Keisha will rock it!


April is constantly working, so her outfits skew professional and conservative. You can often find her in authoritative but fun suits, punched up by brightly colored blazers.

When she’s not working, April is a regular southern belle, with a relatively simple and chic personal style.


What do you guys think? Have you been loving Single Ladies style so far?

Photos courtesy of VH1


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