Reader Latrese contacted us with an urgent request! She said, “So a few days ago while at the hair salon I perused the December issue of Upscale Magazine (I’m late, I know lol), and was immediately drawn to these earrings worn by Fantasia. I was hoping someone from your staff can tell where I could find them. I HAVE TO HAVE THEM! Unfortunately the magazine didn’t list the retailers for Fantasia’s photoshoot. I’ve even tried googling to no avail. PLEASE HELP!!!”
The Fashion Bomb to the rescue!

Fantasia is wearing a very popular style of earrings called Fulani:

The design originated in Mali and has been seen on India Arie and Aisha Tyler (we actually wrote about them in a vintage Mail Bombs post here).
We found a pair for only $17 at, but they look a bit small. Bombers, if you know other locations with bigger sizes, holla in the comments!



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