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Ever purchased a pair of leggings from Angel Brinks? Or wondered a bit about the woman behind the brand?
We had the rare opportunity to interview one of the site’s biggest supporters, and learn more about her training and background.
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Check out five questions we asked the bodysuit and leggings innovator.
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Why did you decide to start Angel Brinks fashion? She says, “At the time I started my clothing line, leggings and bodysuits were becoming a huge fad. [The] only ones available were casual, regular spandex, one color leggings, or bodysuits. I really had a vision to take leggings and bodysuits to a whole other level by making some that had glitter, or sequins, velvet, 3D type materials, etc. Basically anything out the norm, but fun pairs that girls would love. There was a demand, and no supply, so I wanted to fill that [need]. Everyone shopped at the usual stores, BeBe, Guess, Marciano, mall stores, so every time you went out, at least one person in the club or party had the same outfit on. So I thought, let me specialize in just leggings and bodysuits. Sort of like when you have an ear infection. You can go to a general doctor, and get basic prescriptions. But if you go to an ear, nose, and throat specialist, they’re most likely to know more, and give you more detail and help. I wanted to be the one that everyone went to for leggings and bodysuits. So here I am.”

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Is this something you went to school for? She replied, “Yes, I attended FIDM in Los Angeles, CA. Growing up in Hollywood, CA, I was around the entertainment business, and was in the Performing Arts my whole upbringing. I loved to perform on stage. I took acting classes, was in choir, and the dance team. [I] won lots of trophies in my time, but most of all, I loved to put on all the shiny, sequin, leotards and outfits we performed in. I just knew I wanted to design for celebrities one day because I knew what looked good on stage, and under the lights. I also was familiar with what materials are best for performances. I used to go to vintage stores, buy jeans, and other items, cut them up and put them together. I also was nominated for best dressed in high school. I always had an eye on fashion.”
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Who is the Angel Brinks woman? Angel attests, “I am first a woman of God. I have a great relationship with God, and without him nothing at all would be possible. He’s given me a wonderful family, an amazing talent, good health, and the ability to live my dreams. I am a full time mom, and I’m married to my career. My family comes first, they have been there for me through thick and thin, and have believed in me. I have been through a lot of trials and tribulations, some situations you wouldn’t even believe because every time you see me, I smile. I am loving, forgiving, a great cook, and a loyal queen fit for a king. My girlfriends will tell you, I’m pretty much the one with the best advice, and always know what to say and by the time we get off the phone, you’re smiling and feeling good again. I am passionate, sometimes too passionate. I’m a Libra, so a lot of the times we expect to be loved and accepted by everyone. I do analyze everything, and sometimes over think. But I am human, and one thing I can say is that I have learned to love myself, cause when you love yourself, you allow others to do too.”

Erica Mena in an Angel Brinks Bodysuit
Erica Mena in an Angel Brinks Bodysuit

How do you respond to negative feedback? “To be honest, at first it was heartbreaking. Because you want everyone to love what you worked so hard on. But after time, I came to realize that you can’t please everyone. You just can’t. Someone somewhere is not going to like my design. That’s why there are several other designers or stores to shop from. Sometimes I’ll take the criticism to see if there’s anything I can work on to make items better for people. I try to have diverse items for all types of females. Club clothing, sexy clothing, business attire, special occasion outfits, I believe I have put out over 400 – 500 items so I figure something will catch someone’s eye. And if not, that’s cool too. Some negative feedback that doesn’t make sense are the haters. Haters come with the territory. Sometimes I’ll watch “Fashion Police” and see how major designers get criticized and then I don’t feel so bad lol… Overall, I love what I do, so I mainly pay attention to my supporters and keep it pushing. ”

Lastly, Do you have any advice for a young designers entering into the world of style? She says, “Yes, with any career, you MUST love what you do. You have to put in 1000%. Be different from other brands so that your line stands out. Don’t give up when it seems discouraging. Don’t be afraid to try a design that may be out the norm. Designing is Art, not everyone will like it, but a lot will. Try to attend as many fashion shows as you can and make sure you have a great team behind you to help market your brand so that the rest of the world can see your work and how amazing you are :)”

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Interesting! You never really think about the craftsmanship or innovation that goes into what some would deem ‘basic’ pieces.
There was an open market for snazzy leggings, and Ms. Brinks filled it!
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See more of her work on her site, AngelBrinks.com, on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/AngelBrinks, and on Instagram @AngelBrinks.
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