Splurge: Rihanna’s London Silver Spoon Attire Camo/Cameo Bucket Hat

Rihanna exited her London hotel wearing a $123 Silver Spoon Attire Camo/Cameo Bucket Hat, Kate Moss tank, and Ray Ban sunglasses.

Rihanna-London-Silver-Spoon-Attire-Camo-Cameo-Bucket-HatHer camo bucket hat is hand finished with yellow lamb nappa trim.

Silver-Spoon-Attire-Camo-Cameo-Bucket-HatYou can get yours at Silver Spoon Attire.


She’s really loving this brand, I see.

Rihanna-London-Silver-Spoon-Attire-Cameo-bukcet-hatThoughts on this getup?




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