Splurge: Nicki Minaj’s Paris On The Run Tour Versace Printed Catsuit and Studded Platform Sandals

Nicki Minaj kicked it flawlessly with Beyonce as they performed their hit song, the “Flawless” Remix to an enthused crowd for the ‘One The Run’ tour in Paris. For the occasion, Nicki sported a colorful Versace bodysuit and $1,895 Versace Studded Platform Sandals.nicki-minaj-versace-on-the-run-tour-parisbeyonce-nicki-minaj-versace-on-the-run-tour-paris

Her 100% leather sandals are adorned with gold-tone Medusa studs, gold sole plaques and multiple ankle buckles.



Are you feelin’ ’em?

*For fun, here’s a quick clip of Nicki and Queen Bey (also in Versace) in their element.

Thrilling! The dynamic duo posed pretty backstage. nicki-minaj-versace-on-the-run-tour-paris-behind-the-scene


Images: Instagram/NickiMinaj

Giselle Williams-Thomas

Giselle Williams-Thomas is a Celebrity Style Editor and Staff Writer for Fashion Bomb Daily.

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