Splurge: Beyonce’s Instagram En Noir Unisex Leather Sweatpants

Guys aren’t the only ones sidling up to En Noir’s designs.
Beyonce took to her favorite social media site, Instagram, to pose in a series of rocker chic shots. For the occasion, she wore a black top and blazer, a fedora, her favorite Alaia booties, and $1,299 En Noir Leather Sweatpants.

Fashioned out of soft italian lambskin leather, the pants have a black waxed nylon waistband drawstring, gold zipper, and elastic cuffs.

You’ve seen the sweats before on Fashionable Men of the Year candidates Kanye West and Usher:

I guess they are unisex, so it’s no surprise to see Beyoncé in them as well.

At any rate, if you can, get your pair at ViveEnNoir.com.
What do you think? Hot! or Hmm…

Images: @BaddieBey/En Noir


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