Beyonce’s 7/11 Video Fashion Credits: A Joyrich LA Playboy Black and White Checkered Sweatshirt, A WXYZ Leather Crown Visor, A Surburban Riot Kale Sweatshirt, and Mother’s ‘Dropout’ Sweatshirt

Beyoncé knows how to keep things interesting, doesn’t she? She recently released a cute video titled 7/11, which appears as if it was shot on the fly with a camera phone. The choreography is super fun and the beat? Infectious!

In the final scene, she’s shown meditating in a $140 Joyrich Playboy Black and White Checkered Sweatshirt:
Beyonce's 7:11 Video Joyrich Playboy Black and White Checkered Sweatshirt
The crewneck sweater features the iconic Playboy Bunny head.
Beyonce's 7:11 Video Joyrich Playboy Black and White Checkered Sweatshirt
Purchase here.
There are lots of outfit changes in the video–this one just caught my eye.
0 Beyonce's 7:11 Video Joyrich LA Playboy Black and White Checkered Sweatshirt
If you want to know about any more looks in the vid, just leave a comment, and I’ll launch a search + update as I find things.
Until then, thoughts on the video?
*In the opening scene, she sports a $48 Suburban Riot Kate Sweatshirt:
beyonce suburban riot kale sweatshirt 7:11 video
beyonce 7:11 video kale sweatshirt
Later on, she dances with her girls on a hotel balcony in a $145 ‘Dropout’ Sweatshirt by Mother:
beyonce mother dropout sweatshirt 7:11 video
mother square in name calling dropout sweatshirt
By the Christmas tree, she poses in a $65 Cake by the Pound sweatshirt you can find on
beyonce 7:11 video cake by the pound sweatshirt
beyonce cake by the pound 7:11 video
She danced in the hallway in a white sheer gown is from Givenchy’s Resort 2011 collection.
Beyonce 7 11 video givenchy resort 2011 white dress
beyonce 7:11 video givenchy resort white sheer gown
And for those who asked about her leather embellished visor, it’s by jewelry designer WXYZ. Purchase for $425 here. She’s also wearing Forever 21 Marvel Comic Book Leggings, JLani Jewels bracelets, and a $1,925 Versace lock statement necklace.
beyonce 7 11 video wxyz leather visor cap with crown
beyonce 7:11 visor crown with leather HP018GW_LEATHER_VISOR_GOLD_WITH_WHITE_SPIVEY_grande
beyonce lock statment necklace 7:11 video 7 11 video
beyonce forever 21 marvel comic leggings


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