Solange Releases Julez for Japan T-Shirts

Celebrity stylist Ty Hunter and Fashion Bomb fave Solange Knowles rock t-shirts designed by Solange’s son Julez to benefit those devastated by the tsunami and earthquake in Japan:

Solange told Wenn, “My son and I, we are on the West Coast still…we woke up on the morning of the earthquake and tsunami, at around six o’ clock that morning, and were watching it on television. He was very affected by it and asked a lot of questions. We decided we wanted to do something together to help.” Thus the t-shirts were born.

The shirts are now available at Proceeds will go towards Peace Winds, an organization dedicated to the support of people in distress.

Let’s all say it together, “Awwww.”
Visit for price and buying details.
See how other fashion insiders and celebrities are banding together to help the cause in Japan in this article on AOL’s Stylelist.


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