Salma Hayek for Latina October 2015.

On her marriage:

“Maybe that’s also part of what works great in my marriage. I still have my independence. But he likes it. I have my problems, and I don’t have to dump them on him. I take care of them on my own.”

On Hillary Clinton:

“I have a lot of hope for Hillary. We need somebody with experience who can endure. And this woman has endured it all. Hillary is tough.”

On her faith and the Pope:

“I love him! He’s a breath of fresh air. I think the man is a rebel. He’s the first [pope] I truly believe is for the people. I really think he’s making an effort to change things that need to be changed. I don’t agree with everything. Also, I didn’t agree with Mother Teresa in everything. But you know what? She was an extraordinary woman and an angel. And she taught me a lot of things.”

On Syria:

“The conditions in which they live, if you could call that living, are despicable. If these kids don’t find some kind of hope or a place to go, this is really dangerous, fertile ground for ISIS. And there’s four million of them, and we are acting like nothing’s happening. We are listening to Donald Duck running for president, instead of real problems where the attention is not going.”

Source: Latina


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