Snapshot: Rochelle Humes by Ben Riggott for Cosmopolitan UK October 2014

“Being cheated on didn’t make me more insecure, it made me stronger because I know that it’s not your fault. If someone disrespects you it’s their problem, not yours; there’s no point worrying. When I first got together with Marvin I thought, ‘Oh, god, you’re going out with someone in a boyband. Is this a good idea?’ But I never didn’t trust him. An ex cheated on me and it was awful but I promised I wouldn’t bring that into my next relationship.”


“For a while you just feel a little bit weird emotionally. I knew I didn’t have post-natal depression because it wasn’t all day, every day. But I felt very low. As a woman you think you should still be making dinner and looking nice. You think, ‘I can do a million and one things.’ But you can’t. You just have to accept that the first couple of months at least are going to be a complete write-off. But after that you will be alright.”


“I’m not too proud to admit that having a child affects the intimacy in a relationship at first. I hate it when you hear people say they were at it again days later. I don’t believe it! I had to have a C-section because Alaia was breech and the cord was around her neck. The first time I had a shower afterwards Marvin had to help me wash and I was crying. No one prepares you for that. Then Myleene Klass sent me a lovely text: ‘
Rochelle, it’s Day Three, don’t freak out. You WILL get teary.‘ I was so grateful because I felt like a freak!” For the first few months, you’re so tired you just want to go to bed. I was so emotional. One day, Marvin asked me what I wanted for breakfast and even that set me off. I just wailed ‘cereal’ across the house. We still joke about it now!”

“I really fancy Marvin. It’s silly things like when he gets out of the shower and I’m like, ‘Oh, hello!’ We’ve always had a lot of fun in that way. The story about me going to A&E after an accident in the bedroom wasn’t true though. Having a child strengthens your bond even when you don’t think you can get any closer. We look at her and think, ‘That’s both of us there. It’s me and you and no one else in the world has the bond we have.’

“With money, this industry has taught me you can have it all, then you can have nothing. Stories like those on The Big Reunion haunt me so I’ve looked after what I earned. People get stars in their eyes and think they need a £5million house but you don’t. You have to live within your means as you don’t know how long it will last. I grew up in a one-bedroom flat with my mum. She worked hard and then got a terraced house – nothing fancy. My mum always kept my feet on the ground. Even when I was playing Wembley she’d say, ‘You still have to tidy your room!’ Nothing lasts forever. One minute you’re the golden girl, the next no one wants to know you.”


Snapshot:Rochelle Humes by Ben Riggott for Cosmopolitan UK October 2014

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