Snapshot: Lupita Nyong’o for Interview Magazine

lupita nyongo for interview magazine
Lupita Nyong’o for Interview Magazine. She was styled in a Valentino Dress.
An excerpt,

“After earning a degree in film and African studies at Hampshire College in Massachusetts—during which time Nyong’o directed a documentary, In My Genes, about albinism in Kenya—she was faced with the age-old post-college question: What do I want to do with my life? “I knew that if I didn’t try acting, that would be the one thing I would regret, so I decided to apply to acting schools,” Nyong’o says. “If I got in, I’d take it as a sign that I should pursue acting as a career. If I didn’t get in, I was prepared to figure out some plan B.” She adds: “Luckily, I got in.””

Image: Interview Magazine


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