Snapshot: Genevieve Jones and Theophilus London for the Coveteur

Genevieve Jones and Theophilus London for the Coveteur. An excerpt, “We’d be pretty surprised if you hadn’t heard of Genevieve Jones by now. The jewellery designer has had everyone from Kate Moss to Rihanna rock her stuff—oh, and you can add rapper Theophilus London to that list. Jones made a great host, especially considering she had just gotten off the plane from a red-eye from Thailand—where her line is produced. She had fresh floral arrangements, refreshments and solid music blasting while we worked away. We were mid-way through our shoot, rummaging through her closet when, lo and behold, the man himself, Mr. Theophilus London, popped in for a visit. We snapped the duo together and then with a little coaxing convinced Jones to reveal her latest collection. And, yes, it’s every bit as amazing as you could imagine. Lucky for London, being a friend of Jones comes with perks (like wearing her bling before it’s even been released)…let’s just say London got hooked up hardcore. We helped ice London out with a bunch of Jones’s signature gem-encrusted rings and necklaces before getting back to business. (Listen, you’d put a photoshoot on hold too if Theophilus London stopped by!).” Read the rest here.


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