Show Review: Ulyana Sergeenko Couture Spring 2013


Perhaps you aren’t familiar with couturier Ulyana Sergeenko’s designs, but if you’re a street style aficionado, then you have surely seen the Russian beauty wearing high-fashion as effortlessly as models on the runway. She has transformed her ’50s inspired style into her very own collection. Sergeenko’s second couture show for Spring 2013 champions femininity at its finest with designs that are unabashedly retro and meld a slew of influences from both her native Russia and the good old USA. From puff-sleeve dresses made even daintier with embellished lace fingerless gloves and a bow-detailed hat to thigh-baring shorts that are equal parts poolside and pinup, the looks surely aren’t steeped in modernity, but they are overflowing with charm.

ulyana-serggenko-couture-spring-2013-couture-5 ulyana-serggenko-couture-spring-2013-couture-1 ulyana-serggenko-couture-spring-2013-couture-2 ulyana-serggenko-couture-spring-2013-couture-3 ulyana-serggenko-couture-spring-2013-couture-4

Sheer poet-sleeve blouses, high-waist cropped trousers, bubble-hem shorts: Sergeenko surely lays on the coquette here. What’s really on display is the expert level of craftsmanship: mesh and fringe living together on the same garment, raw edges that only heighten the beauty of a jacquard dress, sultry peeks of skin with bustier bra tops, and so much more. Though new to the game, it is clear that she knows how to accentuate and elevate the female form.

ulyana-serggenko-couture-spring-2013-couture-25 ulyana-serggenko-couture-spring-2013-couture-18 ulyana-serggenko-couture-spring-2013-couture-19 ulyana-serggenko-couture-spring-2013-couture-20 ulyana-serggenko-couture-spring-2013-couture-21 ulyana-serggenko-couture-spring-2013-couture-22 ulyana-serggenko-couture-spring-2013-couture-23 ulyana-serggenko-couture-spring-2013-couture-24

Lady Gaga has gravitated toward Sergeenko’s pieces, but I think some of her creations will also look great on the likes of Kerry Washington and Naomie Harris. With their petite frames, the collection’s retro-inspired gowns will be daring choices, but should work perfectly, at least from a fit standpoint.

ulyana-serggenko-couture-spring-2013-couture-16 ulyana-serggenko-couture-spring-2013-couture-17 ulyana-serggenko-couture-spring-2013-couture-13 ulyana-serggenko-couture-spring-2013-couture-14 ulyana-serggenko-couture-spring-2013-couture-15

Some of the looks do err on the side of costume. A Hollywood starlet might be able to make a high-waist, floor-length full skirt work with a bustier top, but I doubt she’ll have the same luck with Hester Prynne-esque frocks that will surely have their wearers labeled with a scarlet letter from the fashion community.

ulyana-serggenko-couture-spring-2013-couture-10 ulyana-serggenko-couture-spring-2013-couture-11 ulyana-serggenko-couture-spring-2013-couture-12 ulyana-serggenko-couture-spring-2013-couture-6 ulyana-serggenko-couture-spring-2013-couture-7 ulyana-serggenko-couture-spring-2013-couture-8 ulyana-serggenko-couture-spring-2013-couture-9

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Faith Cummings is a senior editor and staff writer for Fashion Bomb Daily.

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